Gorgeous Wedding Photos

Yosemite is such an easy place to take gorgeous photos.  Wherever you turn there is another opportunity to capture something spectacular.  The trick is having enough time in your wedding day schedule to take those photos.

Patrick Pike, AddyRose Design

Here are some tips to make sure that you have enough time to take the photos your longing for.

1. Decide on some of the “Have to Have” locations before you make your wedding day schedule.

2. Find out where they are located and the time it takes to travel to each location (this may be a challenge for those of you out of towners so here are some hints)…

  • talk with your photographer (if they are local), or wedding planner.
  • ask the local hotel concierge or even the park ranger service.
  • even some of the local vendors, that do hair and makeup, flowers, officiants can give you some great insight on where things are located.

3. Map it out.  From where you begin your day and start photos to where you will need to end up.  This way you will make the most of your time and travel.

4. Make sure there is enough time for what you would like to do in your wedding day schedule.  Take into consideration the time it will take from your lodging to get to where you need to be and always add 15-30min cushion in your schedule for photos.  That way if you get stuck behind the minivan stopping in the middle of the road to take photos of a squirrel, you won’t stress out!

Happy Planning!

Photography by Patrick Pike Studio

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