Sweet Little Warmers

The weather is cold here in the Mountains.  Which encourages snuggling (my favorite) and warm clothes.  It is however, not fun, to stand in your wedding dress and take photos.

So today’s tip is…… hand warmers.


They are handy little things you can stick in your pocket, or between your hands and your bouquet.  They stay warm for hours and it is such a pleasure every time you put your hands around them!  I always have them in my wedding day emergency kit.  It is a must have for couples taking photos in Yosemite (or any location) when the weather is chilly.  I usually find mine in the $1 bins at Target.  You can also find them online at Amazon.com.  Zippo has a refillable one which is pictured here and you can find these at Cabelas.com.


Yosemite Wedding Tip Hand Warmer

Happy Planning!


featured image by  Patrick Pike Studios


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