Dry Winter Weddings in Yosemite

When most people think of Winter Weddings in Yosemite, they dream of snow capped peaks and trees covered in fluffy white powder. Snowflakes falling from the sky and roaring fireplaces to snuggle up with the one you love.

And while they were hoping for just that, early this January ¬†(our first wedding of the 2014) when Lauren and Jeff were married there were surprised by a dry and warm(ish) day. Sure there was still snow on the ground from a previous storm, but on a first glance Yosemite Valley didn’t quite look like it’s winter.

Knowing that I wanted to make them an unique portrait together on their wedding day showing off Yosemite, I took Lauren and Jeff to one of my favorite groves of oaks in the  park. Without leaves at this time of year, the granite walls and sky were clearly visible through the lines of the trees and add incredible depth and color to the portrait. The later afternoon colors mixed together with sheer scope of the scene to create the photograph I had in my mind; a romantic image of a husband and wife standing together all alone in the midst of a beautiful Yosemite Valley.

Winter Wedding in Yosemite

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