Erin and Shaun at Bridalveil Fall

Yosemite Elopement with Erin and Shaun

It was while they were making plans for their full wedding for friends and large extended family that Erin and Shaun became overwhelmed by stress. So many little details to manage and a price tag that was growing day by day. Somehow the simple beauty of a wedding was starting to be overshadowed by the logistics of a wedding. Perhaps more important, they felt much more comfortable off by themselves than being the center of attention.

In a stroke of genius it hit them. They already had plans to travel out to Yosemite in the winter. Why not elope in Yosemite and get married in one of the most beautiful places around? And so with a few quick phone calls and emails, Erin and Shaun were on their way to the wedding of their dreams.

They chose their perfect place for the ceremony; a stone bridge crafted at the base of Bridalveil Fall. Standing here with just an officiant, they were able to be open and honest with each other without the nervousness of being the center of attention. It was an incredibly intimate ceremony. Just the two of them in Yosemite.

Of course there was also plenty of time for them to experience the beauty of Yosemite on their wedding day. And everywhere they went Erin and Shaun were overcome by joy and excitement for their life to come.

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Yosemite Elopement with Erin and Shaun

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